Ti küldtétek #28 - Poems on Emotions

Az alábbi feladat a 11.B osztály egyik csoportjának angolórai munkája Pénzeli Gabriella tanárnő ötlete alapján.
A diákoknak egy mintavers alapján kellett saját alkotást készíteni egy általuk választott érzelemről, annak színéről, ízéről, hangjáról, illatáról és megjelenéséről.



hope shifts its hue
it switches from green to blue
and as it does, you feel yourself
change too
it sounds like murmuring a secret
something that's soft and sacred
it tastes like cakes and pies
sweet but never mine
has the smell of mud and bushes
then the ashes
we all turn into




Euphoria is the color of light pink,
I feel it when I am with you, and see you,
It sounds just like your voice,
It tastes sweeter than honey,
Euphoria smells like flowers,
The scent that the light breeze carries.




Empathy is war,
War with your own goal, thus more.
When solace scorn, calls.

Empathy of crows,
May one garner uncomposed.
If the light strikes high,
We can hear it on the course.

The right it takes,
To make the soul ache,
Yet, we sand unopposed,
Like lilac in the dark blooms.




Red, I see red through the tears and crying
All the time the sirens sound I just feel like dying.
The constant tapping, nagging,
Stop, I am now begging.
My mouth just tastes sour,
I can feel the burning smell of a fire.




Love is the color red
Warning you to be aware
Not to forget that what you want
Is not always what you need
Love feels like the ocean
It can make you float
But if it comes to you in waves
You will drown in it.
It sounds like music
But when it's too loud
You can't hear anything else.




melancholy weighs you down
like a cloudy sky
quite patter of raindrops
it's almost like when you cry
the world is tinted with dark hues of blue
they seep into your mind
this bittersweet taste of sadness
is all around
a pensive mood and sorrow
what a beautiful pair
the cruel scent of heartbreak
lingers in the air



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